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Our Story

How we got this started.

It all began with the want to help other small businesses. The drive and desire to see others succeed. For us – it’s watching the little guys win. We put your success before our own, and our sole purpose is to assist you in reaching your full potential. Digital Spark SEO was started on the mindset of ‘Giver’s Gain’ – when you give something to the universe, it gives something back to you ten-fold. 

Our Approach

We treat your business like our own.

Our business fosters strong relationships – it’s at the core of everything we do. Without building a friendly foundation, we can’t fully execute our strategy and bring the results you’re expecting. We understand trust goes a long way – and we know it’s a two-way street. 

When you work with us, your business becomes ours. Your success becomes something we fight for everyday. We value the time and dedication that you’ve put into your business. We aren’t big corporate – this is small business helping small business!

Founder and Owner of Digital Spark SEO

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Ed is a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. With aspirations to start his own business, he created Digital Spark SEO. His goal was to give back to the many small businesses that impacted him throughout his childhood and provide them the visibility to grow within the local community. He always wants to see the little guy win, the mom and pop shops that get shadowed by big corporations.

Ed excels at determining the cause of the problem, researching a strategy to solve that issue, and implementing a sound solution. A natural-born team-player, his collaboration skills compliment his ability to consult any business on digital marketing optimization from project start to finish. He will work relentlessly to deliver results that stimulate growth, and stop at nothing to make sure your needs are met.

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