Website Design

Create a Digital space for Your Business

Web Design Is the Face of Your Business

A website is often the first point of contact between a business and a potential customer. Like a first impression, you want to make that interaction a great one. You want your page to drive that relationship forward from the first time that individual lands on it. We aren’t talking about website building that is flashy, but rather making sure the experience on your webpage is something intuitive and easy for the user. However, most businesses don’t know how to select important buyer-intent words that their audience is searching for, so they’re not driving the right traffic there in the first place. And unfortunately, this results in minimal leads converting to sales, and less cash in their pocket.

A Pittsburgh Website Design Company

At Digital Spark SEO, we want to create a web development plan that produces revenue for your business and gets you in front of the people wanting your services. Before beginning your website layout, we spend time carefully studying your target customer and elements that make your business stand out. Once we understand your business needs, we use professional website creation tools to pull in customers that a critical to growing your business. We focus on creating a mobile friendly design, implementing SEO principles, and ensuring it looks good, too! We put extensive time and effort into making your business site looks professional and optimized to reach your desired demographic. By taking action and integrating thoughtful strategy into your personal business page, you can start creating meaningful relationships and turn those leads into sales!

WEb Development Across Devices

Responsive, Fast, and Elegant

In the digital age, the internet should be considered one of the most useful tools in your marketing arsenal. When designing a business website, you need to consider reaching users across a number of devices. Consumers use a variety of devices everyday to browse the internet and find what they’re searching for, so you should be prepared to present that information on any device. It may look great on a desktop, but the output could look suboptimal on a mobile device. If you’re not optimized for a mobile website layout, you’re losing a significant portion of your target market who are searching for services on their smartphones. We focus on building you a versatile website that can convert potential customers to sales across all devices. 

Not Your Average Web Developers

Having a strong online presence will promote confidence in not only the customers seeking your services, but also instill it in yourself! Here at Digital Spark SEO, we know exactly how to grow your online presence, helping you generate sales leads that convert into profit! We offer services that are flexible to meet your business needs. As we get to know you better, we can more easily define your business persona via your personal web page – the face of your business. 

We excel at using WordPress – the best choice for businesses looking to engage their customers on the internet. The platform is intuitive, customizable, and can adapt to your business needs. We also provide integrated tools to ensure that managing all elements is straightforward. 

Web design services we offer include:

  • WordPress Design – very popular, easy to use, allows for simplistic customization. The site you’re looking at right now was designed using the same platform!
  • Full Website Development – a full redesign of your site to create an entirely new experience for your users.
  • Iterative Design –  working on your pages as you grow, making sure your vision aligns at every step of the way.

We are web design experts that have experience and deliver real results. If you’re ready to get some attention, give us a call today!