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The Spark Your
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results you want.

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Pittsburgh SEO

Founded and grown in the Steel City, Digital Spark SEO, a company that specializes in Pittsburgh SEO & Digital Solutions, prioritizes strategizing small business marketing plans, followed-up with execution using the most advanced digital techniques currently available – proven to bring results!

The Laundry Analogy

To most business owners, marketing their business is like folding clean laundry – acknowledging it needs done, but prioritizing other tasks related to their business first, until those ‘other’ tasks accumulate.

And then marketing never happens. Like the month-old pile of clean clothes – it’ll just keep growing, even if they slowly chip away at it, another hamper will inevitably be dumped on it.

Stuck in a vicious cycle of never reaching the full potential of their business because marketing never got started.

A Quick Spark

Solution-Based Pittsburgh Seo Company

And it’s not always as simple as quickly throwing together an advertisement or posting on social media pages – a genuine marketing strategy requires consideration of not only the many facets of your business, but also of your competition.  At Digital Spark SEO, we help businesses create precision-guided marketing strategies that are tailored specifically for them, and implemented using proven techniques – because each and every business is unique. 

who we are

A Strategic Pittsburgh Marketing Firm

Digital Spark SEO is an internet marketing agency (established in Pittsburgh, PA) that specializes in helping local businesses grow by utilizing a suite of digital optimization tools and applying thoughtful strategies to enhance your online marketing presence. We want to help your online visibility boom – so you can generate more traffic, establish new customer relationships, and create revenue for your business. 

Adapting In The Digital Age

The Internet has changed the way we go about our business. It impacts how we network with others. It gives us an all-in-one place to find anything that we need. The Internet makes our lives easier, more streamlined, and convenient. But it’s a big place – and if you’re trying to stand out in the crowd, you’ll need creative tactics to beat the next guy.

Convenience is Key

Consumers have decided that convenience is top priority when conducting online searches. The results that appear first in the that search are the most convenient  – leading to a ‘click’ and landing on those top websites. These top-ranked results are where the consumer spends their hard-earned money – because it was easy to find and the business meets their needs. We want to help you adapt your digital strategies to reach that consumer before your competitor – to be that top-ranked result!

Who Has Time To Market?

You’re probably thinking ‘My business is my priority, I don’t really have time to put together a marketing plan!’

But you don’t need to have time – that’s where we can help! As an internet marketing agency, we provide you with the knowledge to quickly and effectively get the upper-hand on your competition. After gaining an understanding of your marketing needs, we implement tools and techniques to dominate the search rankings and get you visibility from the audience you’re targeting. 

The best part – we do it all for you! Go run your business – let us handle the strategy and help you climb to the top


A Brief Q&A to Get Your Mind Right!

As an Internet user, you probably found us when you searched for a relevant digital marketing term, like ‘Pittsburgh SEO company’, ‘marketing consultant Pittsburgh’, or another closely related term that applies to digital marketing services. Believe it or not, this wasn’t by chance. We powered our way through all the other results by leveraging the power of search engine optimization (SEO). 

Sounds like magic, right? Well, that’s because it sort of is. The way a search engine operates (at the very deep algorithmic level) isn’t very well understood, and has been a well-kept secret for many years. Fortunately, we know a lot about the elements that matter (and that’s good news for you).

It sure does! It’s proven to work, and it is extremely effective at obtaining your business’ ideal audience without much effort. Once you start and get momentum, search engine optimization gets your online presence in front of the people who should be seeing it – the ones who are ready to spend money for your service! They’re already at the interest part of the sales funnel for you!

In a nutshell, here’s how it works. We find high volume keywords that your target audience is searching for, especially ones that your competitors rank for. These competitors are the ones on the first page of Google, the results that are most convenient for the consumer. Once we determine those what those high-traffic terms are, we strategically integrate them into the digital marketing services that you choose to drive your online presence. 

These words will become the driving force of your business. The more keywords you rank for, the greater chance someone searching for your services finds you via an online search query.

Without  a question, they do! But – rest assured that we can help you implement a plan that is more effective than the competition (which we help you identify) in your local area. We specialize in local Pittsburgh SEO (check out our Google My Business service!).

By implementing this method, the customers your rival business previously claimed as theirs are going to be banging down your door for something even better – your business!

And our assistance doesn’t stop at identifying the competition and polishing your website. As an internet consulting agency, we work closely with you to determine the best plan of attack moving forward for all your marketing needs. A thoughtful decision with effective implementation, every step of the way. 

You’re already there! – We’ll gladly sit down to discuss your business and the goals that you have before making any significant decisions. It’s important to us that all parties are aligned before moving forward. 

Whether you want to start a marketing campaign from scratch, completely revamp your website, get ranked at the top of Google My Business , or begin building a network on social media communities, we are here to guide you on the path towards marketing success! Take a look at the ‘Our Services’ pages to gain a better understanding of what we offer to help you grow. 

We already know you offer great services, that goes without saying. But – even great businesses can get lost in the World Wide Web. Our primary goal is to get you exposure and visibility that garners the attention you deserve, driving more customers to your door – the ones that are already interested in your services!

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more methods for sparking success

There are a lot of digital marketing firms in the greater Pittsburgh area, but most search engine optimization firms only stick to one service – SEO. We aren’t your typical search engine marketing agency, though. We understand that marketing isn’t a one size fits all solution to helping a business scale up. It takes careful planning and a thoughtful process to reach your intended target. We consider all possible options when collaborating with you to get you the largest possible return on investment (ROI) while keeping cost for our services low. 

pittsburgh seo company

A term that has taken the digital space by storm – SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a well-known digital marketing technique that brings in organic results for your business through customer keyword-based search queries. Using the search engine of their choice, an individual searches for a term (also known as a keyword), and the search engine provides them with a list of results. The results that are provided are based on many factors, but all of them are directly correlated to how well the given website, social page, or specific URL is search engine optimized.

A well-designed and curated website is awesome for branding and building trust with your target audience. But, if they never actually see your website, what’s the point of having one? Think of it like a really nice mansion in the middle of absolutely nowhere. The house looks awesome, but you have no one to admire it, or even know that it exists!

Your website without SEO is this mansion – looks great, but no one’s finding it. Again, if your target customer isn’t going to see it, why even spend the money to create one in the first place? A good example is if someone searched for ‘seo pittsburgh’ in a search query – Digital Spark SEO should be returned as a result, and should be easily found by the user who searched for the term. SEO puts exactly what your customer is looking for directly in front of them, and feeds it to them!

And there’s an even better part about it, too. Once you rank your desired URL using SEO, you don’t have to pay for it – it’s organically ranked. Simply put, this is anything that appears in the search results that aren’t paid for or advertisements. It’s another great perk of investing in SEO early, and although it can take a little while to get going, it consistently pays dividends to users in the end. If you need leads now though, think about doing Facebook ads or Google ads for a quick return while you wait for SEO to ramp up!

pittsburgh website design company

Websites – the foundation to anything that has ever existed online. How many websites have you viewed in your lifetime? Thousands, tens of thousands? In today’s digital age, websites are the backbone of everything we view online. And for a business, it is the center of attention if you’re trying to build an online presence, grow your brand, and get your customers to trust you. But a lot has changed with websites, and with that comes many different methods to build them out. At Digital Spark SEO, we don’t use cookie-cutter templates to design your website like most marketing companies or so-called ‘web designers’ that will build you a site for $500. AS a Pittsburgh website design company, we take our time to carefully craft and construct what your vision is so you can be proud of your digital real estate.

Your website is an asset to your business. It is the first point of contact between you and any customer that finds you online – the first impression that they have about your business. You want your website to stick with them and be memorable, so it needs to look awesome. But, it also needs to provide them with what they’re looking for, which means that should be easy to find on your site. The user shouldn’t have to sift through information to find what they’re looking for – it should be simple to locate, or they’ll likely get frustrated and leave your site. It also needs to optimized for speed, as well as mobile and tablet responsive for accessibility on different mediums. Oh, and don’t forget the most important factor for bringing actual customers searching for your services right now – SEO! To recap those things in an easy-to-view list, your website should have:

  • Elegant and eye-catching design
  • Simplistic navigation
  • Optimization for speed
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop responsiveness
  • Search engine optimization factors

A website that has all of these details built into it will substantially outperform a website that simply ‘looks’ nice to a visitor. Without speed, responsiveness, and SEO-enhanced factors, you’ll likely never even get your website in front of the people who need to see it.

So the next time someone offers to build you a website for $500, think about everything listed above and ask yourself “Are they really taking the time to carefully craft all of those factors into what I truly want?” Digital Spark SEO is ready to help take your website to next level. Working with you in an iterative way, we make sure we are completely aligned throughout the design process to not only keep you in the loop, but make sure it’s exactly what you’re hoping to get out of your new online real estate!

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The Google Business Profile (also known as Google My Business, or GMB) is another great way to get quick exposure to your business online! The GMB is what gets displayed at the top of every search result on the first page, and is clearly displayed to all visitors. The GMB section of search results gives the individual who searched for a related service a quick overview of 3 businesses that are well optimized that are within a reasonable distance from the location the search was completed. Like SEO, a GMB can be optimized to help you take up even more real estate on the first page search results. The GMB also provides searchers social proof through reviews of your business, so that new potential customers can see others’ experiences. Read on to learn more…

With the GMB, your goal – get in the top 3 businesses for a search term! There’s a number of ways to do this, but we follow a tried and true process that has proven to help propel businesses to the top of GMB listings. And remember – a GMB costs nothing for you to setup. But, if done incorrectly, likely won’t even show up amongst the competition and essentially just makes it another aspect of your business you have to manage. Our goal is to make you Google Business Profile optimized and ensure it stands out form the rest of your competitors.

Reviews also play a major role in your ranking factor. If you aren’t already trying to incentivize customers for feedback, it’s a great time to start! Google takes into account the engagement on your business profile and factors that into your ranking, too. It’s always good to make sure your review portfolio is in good shape, and that you’re consistently responding to customers that leave a review, whether good or bad!

pittsburgh marketing firms

Google ads are the ‘king’ of the search results. Why is that, you ask? Because above all else, Google ads will be at the top of every search result – no matter what the search term is! Businesses pay Google to advertise on their search engine to help increase their exposure for matching search terms that are related to that business. You can expect that Google Ads will always be at the top of something that you’re searching for. Here’s the issue Google obviously wants your money…

The biggest problems businesses face with Google ads:

  1. They setup the ads incorrectly
  2. They put too much money into it early on
  3. They don’t list the right set of keywords that people are searching for

Doing all of these will almost always end with negative results, and often a big hole in your wallet to boot. At Digital Spark SEO, we take the guess work out of setting up Google ads and get it done right the first time – for you! If you’d like to learn more about this service, give us a call to discuss how we can help!

Reviews also play a major role in your ranking factor. If you aren’t already trying to incentivize customers for feedback, it’s a great time to start! Google takes into account the engagement on your business profile and factors that into your ranking, too. It’s always good to make sure your review portfolio is in good shape, and that you’re consistently responding to customers that leave a review, whether good or bad!

pittsburgh social media marketing

Would love to grow your following, but don’t have the time to keep up with all the new ways people socially network? Think you have a compelling offer that you’d love to get in front of people right now, without paying extra for physical ads? Social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, are some of the best online places to advertise in the digital age. These platforms have billions (yes billions – with a ‘b’) of users that visit them every day, so you can imagine that leveraging these platforms to your advantage would be beneficial to your business, right?..

Often times with social media, you can either post to your followers for free, or reach a greater, more targeted audience that you pay a fee for. Like any other ad campaign, a well optimized social media ad campaign will perform great in the right niche. Having a great offer is the number one thing you must have with social media. The most important point is – get people to stop scrolling! If you can do this, you’ll find a steady stream of customers coming your way, and they’ll already be knowledgable and interested in whatever it is that you’re offering.

Maybe you would rather just grow your page likes and following through referrals – so you decided to skip the ads. That’s fine too – Digital Spark SEO can help with page management as well, with whatever platform you get the most attention on! We also help setup new social media pages as well, if a business isn’t as familiar with how it works. Give us a call if you’d like to start your social media growth today, and watch your brand start to takeoff!

pittsburgh branding

Having a great logo not only helps boots your confidence about your business – it helps others recognize and trust your business, as well. At Digital Spark, we like to think that we have a keen sense of visual design (the website – even all the images – were designed by us!) That’s something we’re pretty proud of, and we like to think that we have a knack at bringing visions to life. From the mind to the model, we want to help you create something that you are truly proud of. Something that represents your values, principles, ideas – and especially your business!

Coming Soon!

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The Difference Maker

We Guarantee It.

Our creative marketing agency doesn’t fall short – we come prepared to formulate the very best ideas to drive your business to the right people. Whether this means designing you a streamlined website, getting you noticed on social media, or starting a fully customized marketing campaign, we have the right method for you. Flexibility is great – it allows us to tailor to your specific business needs and wants. 


Rest AssureD

As a local SEO company in Pittsburgh, and one of the best online marketing firms in the area, you can rest assured that the plan we create to guide your digital marketing campaign will be nothing short of top-tier. Small businesses are near and dear to us, so we take local interactions very seriously. We focus our efforts on the little guy to garner some of that attention big corporations get, and work diligently to redirect more of that attention at your business. 

What Our Clients Say

About the results we’ve brought them!

I Cannot Say Enough Good Things...

 ..about Digital Spark SEO! Ed is fantastic in every way. He took the time to get to know me and understand my business goals. He also did a lot of research about my industry before I even started paying him. When I hired Ed I felt like I was no longer alone in my business. He was someone that I could talk to about my goals and he would work with me to set up a plan and achieve those goals. Ed constantly when above and beyond of what was originally promised to me. If you’re looking for someone to help you with your seo or advertising look no further. Ed will make your life so much easier! It was worth every Penny and I’ll be referring him to all of my friends that own businesses.

Thanks Ed! You’re the man!

Matt Garafolo

Carnation Films

Digital Spark SEO did a great job managing my SEO campaign. I saw a significant jump in not only my ranking but my website traffic within the first couple of months. If you are looking for a good ROI with a digital marketing company, I would highly recommend these guys.
Martin Castoe
Ewa Moving Co.
Ed at Ditigal Spark SEO has helped my business grow tremendously! I've been working with him for the past couple months and he has a propelled my digital prescence to new heights. This has not only increased traffic and attention to my business website and social media pages, but also nearly tripled my clientele!! If you need someone to create, design, and revamp your website and online prescence, look no further. Digital Spark SEO is the best Pittsburgh SEO and social media marketing Pittsburgh has to offer. They even offer free marketing strategy consultations, which allows you to get an idea what they can do for you and your business and really shows value up front. Consider me a customer for life!!
Alex Taylor
Learn Online
Digital Spark helped get my moving business off the ground by launching a great ad campaign and managing a social media presence for me while I built up clientele. Cost per lead was way lower than I was paying for services like Yelp, Thumbtack, and every other I tried. Trust them to get your business to the top.
Demetrius Wilson
Home Sweet Moving Pittsburgh

Big REsults on a Budget

As a business, we understand that finances are a top priority, and we take your money as seriously as you do. Hiring an SEO specialist ensures that you receive a greater ROI in a shorter time. But how exactly can we do that?  

Physical Ads Are Dead

Here’s a quick point to get you thinking… You could spend a few thousand dollars on Yellow Pages, billboard ads, TV ads, and other types of physical marketing, hoping someone sees them and follows up to you with a correspondence. But the fact of the matter is – you’re throwing away your hard-earned dollars. You’ve probably never seen a physical advertisement for us, either. That’s because the tactic is outdated.  The world operates in a digital mindset now.

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Think Digital

Taking Steps In The Right Direction
Flip the coin... Instead of spending time, effort, and cash on old advertising methods, you rank business-specific keywords organically. Organic rankings are the websites you see at the top of the search results (right after Google Ads and the Google Map Pack). Did we mention that once you get an organic ranking, you don't pay any money for traffic to your website? That's the power of search engines. And we already know you're services trump the competition, so why shouldn't you be in those page one Google results, right? These techniques help you reach that targeted group of customers that are actively searching for your business. An SEO expert can quickly and effectively analyze your website, present you with the solution, and get your chosen keywords ranked so you can start getting noticed.
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Ready When You Are

Feel Comfortable With Your Decision
Bottom line is - it's your business, and we want you to feel comfortable with where it currently stands. Everyone runs at their own pace, and we understand that life is a journey, not a race! Most importantly, we want you to feel comfortable making the decision to invest in us as the guide on your digital journey. After all, as an SEO consultant, we have rooted ourselves in the highest level of professionalism. We would be more than happy to speak with you personally to find out if SEO consulting is the right move for your business.
Let's Talk About It!

The Power of
Social Media

Did we mention that Google isn’t the only way to bring new customers to your website? The popularity of social media has created a new avenue to reach millions of people who participate in digital communities every single day.

Launching a successful Instagram or Facebook ad campaign could bring you just as many customers as a well optimized website. Grow you followers on Twitter, and make connections on LinkedIn. Post videos on YouTube to show your subscribers exactly why your business is the best!

We can help you brand yourself on any of these social communities and help create a entirely new network for your business, even if you have zero experience marketing in these areas. Social communities help you show off what your business has to offer the way you choose to convey it. 

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We want to partner with your business more than anything else, and want to be the spark that ignites your entrepreneurial success. Please be mindful that we will only work with businesses who are willing to put in as much effort as we put into them. Starting a relationship with us means that you fully acknowledge that implementing comprehensive digital marketing strategies, like SEO, Website Optimization, Ad Campaigns, and Lead Generation tactics, is an investment into your business. To get the most from our services, we’ll need to collaborate with you frequently. This partnership is a two-way street to reaching your desired business goals and beyond. As long as you communicate with us, we’ll help you reach your goals!

Get started with us today by filling out the form for our Free SEO Analysis. We’ll get back to you within 2 – 3 business days with an initial assessment of your website and what services would have the biggest impact on the growth of your business!

Need some help with marketing in Utah? Check out our partner – the top Utah SEO agency in the state! We promise you won’t be disappointed! 

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